Korean toplaner Kim “Poss” Min-Cheol joins CERBERUS Esports from the VCS

The new toplaner formerly played under REVERSE Gaming and Team WE in South-Korea and China and is going to join CERBERUS Esports in the VCS


Kim “Poss” Min-Cheol will join CERBERUS Esports, after waiting two weeks and succesfully passing COVID-19 regulations. Poss will be the first import ever to start in a game in the VCS. CERBERUS Esports is looking to register him for the second round of the VCS Spring Split.


This also means that Nguyễn “Pun” Đăng Khoa and Ngô “LL” Minh Quân will most likely look for a different team, as they will be second choice behind Poss. 

It is likely that the acquisition came from the CERBERUS Esports head coach Lee “Lee” In-Cheol, as the signing came out of nowhere and had been quiet for a while.


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