PER Bigkoro: „I joined Percent to challenge myself in a new environment”

One of the most accomplished veterans of VCS, Bigkoro has been with Young Generation and all future Buffalo iterations for so long that one could not imagine him ever wearing a different jersey. But all good things have come to an end one day, and after 3.5 years with YG, PVB and DBL, Bigkoro decided… Continue reading PER Bigkoro: „I joined Percent to challenge myself in a new environment”


Meet Percent Esports, the newest member of VCS!

The VCS is welcoming a new team: After defeating QTV Gaming 3-0 and FTV Gaming 3-2, they have promoted to the highest Vietnamese league and will now compete in Summer 2020. But who are they actually? With most of their players unknown, we have decided to briefly introduce the team to the audience. All players have answered a questionnaire of six general questions as well as one additional individual question.

FL Bii: “It is just a matter of time until other VCS orgs start to reach international fans”

If you ever visited the page or fan group of Team Flash, you will know him already - and if not, then you have probably still seen some of his stuff online: Whether crisp videos, dank memes or the managing of all social media channels, Bii is the man who makes sure that FL is represented well on the internet. However, did you know that he once worked for VETV, does freelance work in graphic design, and wants to delete Akali from the game? (Let’s be honest, we all want this.) We also asked him about his opinion on reaching international fans, working in esports and much more!